Only download url with *Server*?

BlackWidow scans websites (it's a site ripper). It can download an entire website, or download portions of a site.
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Only download url with *Server*?

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There is a page that I want to download. It's private with login so I can't show it here. The site mainly uses Javascript and got urls like: ... id=1-99999.

So basically I wan't to download every page with the URL matching *Server?* and ignore anything else. I made this:

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case ScannerEvent of

      for each matching('(.*)Server?(.*)') in Document as aLink do begin
        aLink.ResolveRelative(DocumentURL); // resolve links like ../foo/bar/
        Scanlink(aLink); // add the link to the scan queue.

But it will only download the starting page and never follow the links on it. What is wrong?

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Re: Only download url with *Server*?

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You must use \? instead of ? because it is a regular expression character and must be escaped by a backslash. But the .* is wrong here as it will get the content of the html, so you need to check if the link is in single or double quotes and use...




If you use single quotes, then change the matching('...') to double quotes like this matching("...")
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