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Website monitoring and download

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:14 am
by Dynz

I need some advice on which product would help best help me accomplish what I want to do.

I monitor a number a sites that regularly publish articles / catalogs (pdf format or flipbook or web). I would like to be able to automatically detect when a new article has been published (e.g. by checking timestamp from last scan and filtering site for pdf or jpegs with a newer timestamp) and then download the article do a specific folder per website. The scan should be performed once per day through my list of sites. Each site may also need a custom filter / script to resolve the right URL to download the article. For articles published on the web, I would like to do a screenshot of the entire website and save it to my local drive.

Please could you advise if BlackWidow is best suited for this task or should I be looking at BrownRecluse? Do you offer any paid assistance to write scripts, for example if I provided the cases I am looking at?

Where can I find more detailed tutorials for both products?

Thank you

Re: Website monitoring and download

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:04 pm
by Support
BrownRecluse is the way to go. As for the screenshot, it can't do that. BlackWidow can but you have to manually browse to the site and click a button to take a snapshot of the entire page, not the entire site. We do provide paid assistance, usually, we charge nothing if you make your own script and need some fixing, advice etc.