Where Is the Default .BW6 File Located

BlackWidow scans websites (it's a site ripper). It can download an entire website, or download portions of a site.
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Where Is the Default .BW6 File Located

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OS: Windows 7
BlackWidow: Unicode v6.30

I'm running BlackWidow for the first time, and all the page content (all simple html files) that I need is being generated without my having to write the script myself, so this program is working well for me. Thumbs up!

However, I can't seem to find the default .BW6 FILE (or the folder in which it should be stored.) I searched the forum for a similar question, but it seems nobody else had this problem. This makes me think I must be missing the "obvious." From the "Structure" tab, when I click the "Save As" button, I expected to be taken to the current location of the .bw6 file. This is not the case however, so it is of no help.

Also, I'm surprised that there is no "Help" documentation in the program itself. There also seems to be no Right-Click context menus where you might expect them, such as clicking on a file in the "Structure" area.

Thanks for your assistance in locating the bw6 files.

UPDATE: Since my original post of this question, I have discovered the following procedure.
1. From the "Browser" tab, set the site URL you want to scan.
2. From the "Scanner" tab, run the program.
3. From the "Structure" tab, do a "Save As".
4. Then, Stop the scan and select "New Scan".
5. Edit the bw6 file.
6. Specify the custom bw6 file: "Structure" tab > Open.
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Re: Where Is the Default .BW6 File Located

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There is no .bw6 file unless you create one (from the Structure, save as...)

The help is at the top, green area. But because every sites are so different, it's impossible to have a good help file, we would need to teach website coding like javascript, php, html etc.

The procedure is almost correct...

1. Set the URL
2. Set the filters
3. Start the scan
4. Stop the scan or wait until it's done
5. From structure, do save as to save the structure to a .bw6 file
6. From structure, select files to download and click on the Download button.
7. Click new scan and go back to #1
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