Excluding a website during a scan

BlackWidow scans websites (it's a site ripper). It can download an entire website, or download portions of a site.
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Excluding a website during a scan

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How do you exclude a website when fuskering a site that has multiple external links to other sites?
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Re: Excluding a website during a scan

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Uncheck "Scan external link" and it will only scan the site itself without external sites. But if you want to scan external site but not all of them, you can add a filter not to scan certain site. If you selected "Scan everything", click on Add Rule and enter the site not to scan, like google.com for example and this will not scan any URL which contain google.com anywhere in the URL. If you have not selected "Scan everything", then it will not scan external site and you must add filters of links to scan and files to add to the structure.
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