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Raylectron (http://Raylectron.com) is a 3D rendering engine for Trimble Sketchup (http://sketchup.com)
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feature request

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I use Tak2hata: Make Fur plugin crowd function quite a bit for trees shrubs and ornamental grasses. It would be so great to have that some functionality with instancing. I could randomly scatter 3D trees, shrubs and grasses over a selected face without getting the model too big. Of course I can do this now one by one but I keep going back to 2D plants and using the make fur crowd plugin for speed.
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Re: feature request

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It can be done. Simply create one Raylectron instance of a tree for example, and then use the crowd on that instance instead of the tree. I use the exact same plugin to do that, that's how we made the render of a forest and rocks.
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