Raylectron (http://Raylectron.com) is a 3D rendering engine for Trimble Sketchup (http://sketchup.com)
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first of all. i have to thank the support on this. its the best ever.

i have somethings i would like to do with my models.

creating a rendered walktrough so i can walk in it like i would play gta.

having a very fast rendering with artificial lights.

working water fontains moving escalators.

making movies/animations. like having them filmed in real
now i simply film a rendering with my mobile phone and add special effects to it. like this movie. https://youtu.be/Uq5u-A1R2Wg

and thats my list for the moment :D

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Re: wishlist

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Thanks for the wish list, we are eventually going to do that, but it takes time, unfortunately!
Your support team.

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