Raylectron Workflow

Raylectron (http://Raylectron.com) is a 3D rendering engine for Trimble Sketchup (http://sketchup.com)
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Raylectron Workflow

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Hi Raylectron Forum
I'm new here and to be honest, I have not yet installed Raylectron. Nevertheless, after a lot of searching and practical experience with different tools, I aim for Raylectron as the render tool of my choice.
Before I start, I want to ask two important questions to the forum which relate to the Raylectron-workflow. (certainly there are answers to my questions somewhere here, but I haven´t found them yet)

My first question
Which Render method uses Raylectron? Does Raylectron render infinitely long sample by sample and do I have to stop the render process when I reach my desired quality? - Or does Raylectron automatically stop the rendering process with any message like "finished rendering" or "Done" when the rendering is completed? (this last option would be most welcome to me)

My second question:
Since Raylectron is a stand-alone software: If I add or change any geometry within my SkUp model (a wall or a piece of furniture, etc), do I need to start editing in Raylectron completely from the beginning?

Thank you and I´m looking forward to your feedback

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Re: Raylectron Workflow

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Thank you for considering Raylectron.

The render will go on forever until you stop it. The reason is, the longer the more perfect. Making it stop itself after x number of samples is not desirable. For example, if you have a very complex scene with very little lighting and you want absolute perfection, you may want to let it render all night while you sleep. Doing it this way gives you complete control over the quality, no need to select another method and re-render again to get better quality.

When you set all your materials and other settings (within Raylectron) for a model, simply save the settings (File / Save Model Settings), the file name will be the same as the model itself and those settings will automatically reload when you load that model again in Raylectron. If you modify your model in SketchUp, all those settings will load again so you do not have to redo them again.
Your support team.

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