Trial Version of Raylectron

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Trial Version of Raylectron

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Hey Guys!
I'm a student in New Zealand and have downloaded the free version of Raylectron and am enjoying it so far.
I have been trying to figure out if the material editor tool is available in the free version for creating light sources?
I am working on an 'Organic Architecture' spatial at the moment for a school project and am finally ready to render. Upon rendering I noticed that my space could use some lights. I looked up tutorials for how to create light sources but couldn't find the required tools.
Any and all help is appreciated!
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Re: Trial Version of Raylectron

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Hello Finn,

All you have to, for example, is to create a rectangle in Sketchup and group it, make sure the front face is facing in the direction you want, then create a new material and name it "Emitter" or "Emitter - Kitchen" as long as the name begins with Emitter and paint the group, you are done. Raylectron will see the material name and automatically convert it to an emitter and you can change its settings in the material editor.

If you have a TV with an image on it for example, you can right click on it in the render view while the material editor is active, then select to convert it to an emitter and your TV image will now be a light.

If you like mw to demonstrate this to you live, I can with you and show you exactly how it works.
Your support team.
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