Problem with GPU version - Error 1000 – clcreatecontext

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Problem with GPU version - Error 1000 – clcreatecontext

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I have a recent Acer Laptop and I would like to know if the GPU version could be supported on my Laptop?

The specs are:

Intel i-5 (7200), SSD
With two graphic cards:
- Intel graphic card (for basic stuff)
- NVIDIA Geforce 940 mx with 2GB DDR5 VRAM

The thing is when I have first installed the GPU version; it detected both cards and selected the Intel one. In the Raylectron/GPU menu, I have selected the NVIDIA Geforce 940 mx and since then, it does not work anymore and I get Error 1000 – clcreatecontext .

I have removed/reinstalled GPU version and Intel Card is always selected and I get Error 1000 – clcreatecontext.


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Re: Problem with GPU version - Error 1000 – clcreatecontext

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This GPU is very basic when it comes to rendering. It's very good for gaming and video playback, but definitely not good for rendering. Also, only 2GB of video memory where a lot of it is used for the display and Windows, not much left for the rendering data. I would use the CPU version instead, it is grain free, unlike the GPU version, and will converge way faster. The GPU version should be use on a PC with an actual video card such as the GTX-1080 for example, 8GB of video memory, 2560 cores etc.
Your support team.

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