Free vs Paid version difference ?

Raylectron ( is a 3D rendering engine for Trimble Sketchup (
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Free vs Paid version difference ?

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Hello guys, my first topic here. Just recently started sketchup and opted rayelectron as my first renderer. Nice and easy to use renderer for now i can say.

Back to the real question.

Although the title on front page say "Fast, easy, powerful, affordable and fully featured free unlimited time trial" . In demo/free version I can't seems to find option for larger output HD rendered images. I guess its only available in paid version. is it ?

Then i tried searching for what else are there in paid version and whats actually is the difference. Could not find it. Is it mentioned anywhere ? Can you detail me the differences.

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Re: Free vs Paid version difference ?

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The only difference is the output is limited to 800x800 with a watermark. Other than that, everything else is the same as the paid version.
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