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Télécharge 2427
581 b
09/02/2007 14:36 Web file containing the required settings to scan this site for the large pictures. Open in BlackWidow and click Scan. When done, look at the structure. All the pictures will be listed. Right click on that folder to download the pictures.

Télécharge 2343
540 b
09/02/2007 08:59 Web file containing the required settings to scan this site for the large pictures. Open in BlackWidow and click Scan. When done, look at the structure. All the pictures will be listed. Right click on that folder to download the pictures.

Télécharge 2486
541 b
07/31/2007 16:44 : web file containing the required settings to scan for all pictures from a user's album. Open in BlackWidow and from the browser, browse to the user's album page then click Scan. Once done, all the pictures will be listed in the structure where you can select to download all or part of them.

Télécharge 3333
569 b
01/05/2007 13:42

Allows scanning the large pictures from the web site. This web files will scan the ErinBrown member, but simply change that name in the URL and in the filters to scan anyone else.

Télécharge 3175
1.2 Kb
12/11/2006 17:07

Web file with required settings to allow scanning a user's gallery from the web site. See README file for "how-to".

Télécharge 3578
1.01 Mb
09/22/2006 06:33


Unas 1500 presentaciones de PowerPoint. Sobre humor, para ellas, para ellos, curiosos y otros. En español.

About 1500 PowerPoints. About humour, for females, for males, curious and others. In Spanish language.


Télécharge 7375
1.35 Mb
08/27/2006 05:21 te trae los mejores powerpoints de humor, sexo, chicas, desnudos, diversión, etc... recopilados para ti. Encontrarás Power Points de Anna Kournikova, El Risitas, Aria Giovanni, Britney Spears, y ¡mucho... mucho más! Las presentaciones powerpoint más divertidas de Internet. En español. gets you the best powerpoints of humour, sex, girls, nudes, fun and so on, collected for you. You will find Power Points of Anna Kournikova, El Risitas, Aria Giovanni, Britney Spears, and many... many more! The powerpoints more amusing of Internet. In Spanish language.


Télécharge 3774
199.45 Kb
08/17/2006 12:47

Complete scan of the (gallery section) web site. 14,132 HiRes pictures.

Télécharge 3890
738 b
07/20/2006 14:32

Web file containing the required settings to scan the web site for all large images.

Télécharge 3847
99 Kb
07/01/2006 11:44

TheForce.Net - Fan Films

Several films made by fans of Star Wars. Some of them even more than 200 MB sized.

Télécharge 6643
557 b
06/03/2006 18:00

Setting required to scan the web site.
Open in BlackWidow, login(free) using the browser, then click on the Browse link, then click Scan to start scanning the pictures.

Télécharge 4256
627.22 Kb
05/07/2006 01:37

Complete scan of the web site. Over 51,346 images of all kinds, animated gif, backgrounds and much more.

Télécharge 3930
106.53 Kb
04/30/2006 05:25

Consejo Jedi

En Español. Sitio dedicado a La Guerra de las Galaxias, con enciclopedia, imágenes, etc...
In Spanish. Website about Star Wars, with encyclopaedia, pictures,...

Télécharge 4130
29.35 Kb
04/09/2006 02:16

Star Wars Revelations .. A Panic Struck Productions Film

"Revelations" is a non-profit Star Wars fan film that was shot within the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Metro Area. "Revelations" is made possible through a combined effort of artists, fans and the local film industry. Everyone who has worked on "Revelations" is a volunteer. No one is paid to make this film. Panic Struck Productions set out to produce their first independent film with a very small budget and the result is "Revelations" In this web file you will get many pictures, trailers, songs and the whole film as WMV file and as ISO file for burning. There is two ISO files (one for the film and the other for the extras). The film is in English language and you can view it with or without subtitles.

Télécharge 5126
628 b
09/28/2005 03:09

web file of the settings and plugin options required to scan web site for all large images of celebrities. Open in BlackWidow v5 and click Scan.

Télécharge 4876
559 b
09/25/2005 02:44

Settings and Filters required to scan the users profiles large pictures from the web site.

Télécharge 4756
485 b
09/16/2005 07:53

Web file of the settings required to scan for the bike images from

Unzip, open in BlackWidow v5 and click Scan.

Télécharge 4788
623 b
06/29/2005 03:36

Web file for BlackWidow v5 that (when opening it) will change your filters and settings to allow scanning of for only the large images, no thumbnails or anything else.

Télécharge 8300
84.53 Kb
05/03/2005 23:48

Web files of the settings and filters required to scan wickedweasel web site. It also contain all the large images. Unzip and open the .web file in BlackWidow and download the files. To rescan the site, click New and uncheck all options before starting the scan.

Télécharge 6184
24.45 Kb
01/28/2005 18:55

Scan of all large images from the web site.
For BW v5

Télécharge 6750
605.71 Kb
08/12/2004 20:53

Complete scan of web site.

Contain over 35,000 images totaling more than 2GB. Free site. This web file is for BlackWidow v5 only. It also include the Options settings, Filters settings and the "DOC Changer" plugin settings should you need to re-scan the site.

Télécharge 6372
986 b
06/10/2004 23:37

Settings and Filters required to scan fine art web site. include .web file for both v4 and v5 of BlackWidow. Open the .web file and click Scan. Only the big images will be scanned, no thumbnails or other files.

Télécharge 7218
634.4 Kb
06/10/2004 15:27

Loads of Street Fighter 2 animated GIFs.

Télécharge 7211
14.15 Kb
03/22/2004 22:08

Complete scan of all large pictures from web site. No login required.

Télécharge 6655
552 b
11/16/2003 15:51

Web file for BlackWidow v4.40 or better of the settings and filters required to scan MSN picture groups. Unzip and open the .web file in BlackWidow to reset the settings and filters. Use the BlackWidow browser to join the MSB goup, click on Pictures and then start the scan.

Télécharge 6861
76.68 Kb
06/29/2003 03:36

Wanadoo Animated GIFs
5392 animated GIFs about love, animals, flags, food, people, holidays, internet, books, music, transport and so on.

Télécharge 6747
10.4 Kb
06/27/2003 09:54

Animated GIFs about computers.
314 animated GIFs about computers, printers, software and so on.

Télécharge 7108
19.11 Kb
04/25/2003 12:35

Nuria Roca
Nuria Roca is a very beautiful Spanish girl. She works as presenter at several Spanish TVs. See her in this scanning of his web. Several pictures of her.

Télécharge 6742
15.22 Kb
04/11/2003 06:59

Lo Sfondo
794 animated GIFs about persons, sports, animals, holidays and so on. Furthermore, 342 clipart pictures, 8 screensavers and many MIDI music files.

Télécharge 6935
13.7 Kb
01/14/2003 11:11

Swanage UK - Images from 1800's to today 14 Megs

Télécharge 7130
292.78 Kb
12/15/2002 23:23

9000 space images and all html for offline viewing
500 Megs

Télécharge 7535
228.67 Kb
12/15/2002 02:51

NASA Photo Gallery of Airplaines. 8GB of files, 5800+ pictures, includes very hi-res pictures + all html and thumbnails for easy offline viewing.

Télécharge 7150
637.94 Kb
12/14/2002 10:09 Over 17.000 (yes, SEVENTEEN THOUSANDS) animated GIFs of several kinds: buttons, backgrounds, arrows, other GIFs for webs, GIFs about persons, animals, cartoons, flags, vehicles, sports, objects and many more. Más de 17.000 (sí, DIECISIETE MIL) GIFs animados de diversas clases: botones, fondos, flechas, otros GIFs para webs, GIFs sobre personas, animales, dibujos animados, banderas, vehículos, deportes, objetos y mucho más.

Télécharge 7635
31.8 Kb
12/14/2002 07:26

1,973 hi-res car pictures from 62 different manufacturers.

Télécharge 6692
188.31 Kb
12/01/2002 03:07 12,126 large images totaling 82GB split into 27 folders, fast to load.

Télécharge 6929
86.62 Kb
11/30/2002 19:13

Small image files (12,156 images all int he same directory) This will take quite a while to load in black widow if you try to expand the structure view same images as medium just smaller (no need to dl again if you already have the others)

Télécharge 6527
92.43 Kb
11/30/2002 18:02

Medium Files - 12,156 (range tested 1-14000) All files in same directory so it takes quite a while to expand the structure view 25 minutes to do scan with 8 threads

Télécharge 6911
92.19 Kb
11/20/2002 09:50

Over 1900 animated GIFs, mainly about animals. Taken from Gifs Animados. The scanning is not finished but you can get a lot of GIFs.

Télécharge 6820
51.18 Kb
11/20/2002 06:49

Do you like animated GIFs? Well, this is a scanning of Gifmaniacos, a web in Spanish language with more than 1700 animated GIFs about cartoons, TV and movies. Enjoy them!

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