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Your download link is at the bottom of this page, but please, read the following first...

What you need to know before you download:
BlackWidow uses a network packet sniffer to operate its NetSpy. Therefore, the installer already comes with WinPCap v4.11 for Win7/Vista/XP 32/64. It is imperative that you select to install WinPCap when the BlackWidow installer is ran and prompts you to install it. If you do not install WinPCap, BlackWidow will not operate.

Is it safe?
BlackWidow is free of viruses and trojans. If your anti-virus report differently, either you did not download the genuine copy from our web site, or there is a conflict in byte sequences confusing your anti-virus. In either case, you can install the genuine copy regardless of anti-virus warnings.

Is it illegal?
Scanning a web site is not illegal. It is publicly available for you to view and download what it has to offer. However, some web sites do not like when you download the whole site at high speed. BlackWidow provide a 'Slow Down' mode if you need it.

How powerful is it?
BlackWidow is multi-thread and can be very powerful. We suggest restricting your scan connections to around 6 to prevent any server delay or network jamming.

Does it use allot of memory and resources?
No. BlackWidow stores its scan information in a database in your temp folder on your hard drive, and uses very little memory and resources. You can run more than one instance simultaneously as well.

If I try BlackWidow, can you help me?
Absolutely. Technical support is not only for paying customers. We can assist you in setting up BlackWidow for a specific site. However, paying customers have #1 priority over non-paying users.

If I buy BlackWidow, do I get free updates and upgrades?
Yes, you get free updates for all v6.xx releases. When v7 becomes available, owners of any prior versions are entitled to 50% off (half price) on the upgrade.

What about site licenses, volume discounts?
Our online purchase page automatically calculate discounts based on quantity. You may visit our online order page and try different quantities to see which price best suite your budget and needs.

OK, I'm ready to download. Where do I click?
The current version is 6.28 (2.87mb) and designed for Win7/Vista/XP in 32 and 64 bit.
Click the link below to start your download...

<Download BlackWidow now>

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