find email adresses for marketing list

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find email adresses for marketing list

Post by sturko »

i would like to find email adresses of blogs for marketing list, lets say i am searching through one website and i need to:
1. find external link and follow it, then on external page look only for *contact* page (hope script will found emails adresses there automatically).
2. do that (step 1. before) for every external link.

here is the script i have been using but it doesent look for contact on every external page:
[BlackWidow v6.00 filters]
URL = ... ign+studio
[ ] Expert mode
[ ] Scan everything
[x] Scan whole site
Local depth: 1
[x] Scan external links
[ ] Only verify external links
External depth: 1
Default index page:
Browser user agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; BlackWidow v6 -
Startup referrer:
[ ] Slow down by 10:60 seconds
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[x] follow *contact* using wildcard

Thank you very much!
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Re: find email adresses for marketing list

Post by Support »

Well, it looks like you are going to scan a google result page, and I assume you also need to scan the "Next" page as well right? And from those results, you need to scan each web sites listed, and find the contact page and then scan it for emails right? You are not the first one to ask for this, and we have attempted to do it many times and failed. It just doesn't work. For one thing, google does not like it, and the worst part is the emails, nobody have emails listed in plain text anymore because of software like BlackWidow, and if you find some emails, it'll be very few, you'll be scanning for days to get maybe a few emails, and they may be emails to whom designed the web site, not emails to whom you need to send an email to.
Your support team.
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