Replace Filter Regular Expression

BlackWidow scans websites (it's a site ripper). It can download an entire website, or download portions of a site.
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Replace Filter Regular Expression

Post by NuclearFox »

It would be great if there was a huge example page or a faq page about black widow filters....
with lots of examples ...

Currently, I have the site working great,
however.... I would like to work on the substitution filter

so currently I would like the scanner to find /thumb_randomimagename.jpg and replace it with /big_randomimagename.jpg

If I understand the filter correctly,
I would type in the first box /thumb_([^/]+\.jpg) and in the second box I would type /big_$1 Is this correct? (using regular expression)

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Re: Replace Filter Regular Expression

Post by Support »

Lots of example, but not the right ones! The Internet is full of differences.

As for the regex part, you are correct.
Your support team.

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