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Hi I am trying to make grass but not having any luck I canged from using mm to Meters as you sugested. To be honest I fing having to ose meters is quite ridiculous
The defaul for blade width is .25m really a blade 250mm wide? 6 blades per square meter? Blade length 2.5m, that is crazy. Can you please give me rrecommended steetings for normal grass? When I try to use approximated I get a window that says access violation and my compuer crashes. (I am not using more tnat about 20 m2 of grass
To reiterate could you plase send me some settings that will work

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Re: Grass

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I don't know where you got this suggestion from but all you need to do is use the "Convert material" drop down list button and select "Grass" (using whatever unit you like, in my case, mm) then adjust the number of blades per area to like 0.1 or another number that will generate no more than 2 million blades and click Apply.
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