v4.99 build 7 ready for Sketchup 2019.2

Explain the changes of new releases.
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v4.99 build 7 ready for Sketchup 2019.2

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This build is compatible with Sketchup 2019.2

Changes have been made to the rendering engine using the "Grain Free" mode. Artificial lights will now use the light surface area for proper light distribution and brightness. You may find some small light producing a glow on very close-by objects but you can increase the area (in the material editor) to reduce this glow. Light intensities will also have to be adjusted, especially for very small lights.

For proper indoor rendering using the sky or environment, you will need to create portals on your openings leading outdoors (portal front face facing in). Otherwise, the interior will render as if it's outdoor and will be too bright. Make sure your portal faces has no material assigned to them and that it is grouped and the group painted with a portal material of any color. Just make sure you name the material Portal in Sketchup so you don't have to convert it to a portal in Raylectron.

Added tone mapping in the "Post Processing" section.

You may download the latest version in the Raylectron Download page.

Please visit the Raylectron Facebook page and post your renders for everyone to see.

Thank you.
Your support team.
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