any news?

Explain the changes of new releases.
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any news?

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hi there best support on online software in the world! whats going on lately? they want me to learn 3d max. but its hard to say goodbye to goodold sketchup. so im running 3 last projects with it before i go learn for 3d max. ofcource i wil keep using raylectron at hone for my private things and artwork i create! i hope you do wel with the evolution of the software! i first rendered with raylectron. and i really love it! it should have 5 stars. :D :D

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Re: any news?

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Too bad you're going with 3DS, it's a complicated software to learn compared to Sketchup! But it least you're not leaving us entirely. Feel free to post your renders on our forum gallery and thank you for the 5 stars :D

Good look with 3DS, I hope it's not going to give you too many headache!
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Re: any news?

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3D studio max is not a profitable software package for the time it takes to model, texture, render and post-processing!

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