Opening up a SU scene Raylectron

Raylectron ( is a 3D rendering engine for Trimble Sketchup (
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Opening up a SU scene Raylectron

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For the first time ever a strange occurrence using SU & Raylectron.
When I open up a SU scene to render in Raylectron the image isn't the same orientation..? Sometimes cropped, top and or bottom and occasionally upside down? Tried several views and it's always the same?
This is very unusual, never happened before?
Whilst I'm on, not supposing V5 is ready? I'm about to retire at the end of the year so it doesn't make a difference now, just curious.

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Re: Opening up a SU scene Raylectron

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are you using v4.99? perhaps you have a custom camera setting? section planes even if they are off? If you could PM me your SKP file I could find out what the problem is.

v5 is still In the works and now with Sketchup 2019 coming up, it slows everything down.
Your support team.

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