AMD wx4100

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AMD wx4100

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Hi forums,

i have downloaded and installed "Raylectron for GPU" trial as im considering purchasing it.

When i used my old graphics card an NVIDIA gtx750 it worked fine (slow but it opened), but ive now upgraded to an AMD WX4100

Now when i open the software it say "you do not have a compatible video card and/or OpenCL video driver to run this GPU version of Raylectron"

I have tried using the latest Professional driver and gaming driver but still no luck.

Is the WX4100 on the approved list?

Many thanks
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Re: AMD wx4100

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Hold down the Ctrl key and double click on the Raylectron shortcut to run it, not from Sketchup, it will re-initialize the GPU.

Raylectron prefer NVidia over AMD but it should still work, with 1024 cores, it'll still be slow however. Have you tried the CPU version see if you get faster results?
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