Support for Windows 10?

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Support for Windows 10?

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I contacted Raylectron Support about a month ago about strange error messages I kept receiving when trying to open Raylectron.
Hello Raylectron Support!
I seem to be having a problem that is cropping up every time I try to start Raylectron independently or through SketchUp.
This is the message I get when starting it up on it’s own: "Error--1000: clCreateContext".
And Raylectron does launch but doesn’t seem to load or render any files after starting up. It looks like this. ... sp=sharing
It’s the same story when trying to start the render through SketchUp.
I did do a Google search on this and found something that said something vaguely along the lines that the clCreateContext had something to do with Nvidia graphics cards. I have a discrete Nvidia card on this laptop and have set the computer to use the Nvidia discrete one by default because it offers better performance, but I noticed that when I opened the “GPU” tab in at the top in Raylectron, it had selected the integrated Intel graphics processor. I guessed there might have been some confusion so just to make sure I reset the default graphics card choice to the original setting, the Intel graphics card but it didn’t seem to improve it. I still got the same alert.
I know the GPU version of Raylectron works because I used it less than a week ago. Now it isn’t.
Reinstalling Raylectron didn’t seem to work.
I tried waiting a while (in the hope that windows updates might fix something) and reinstalling Raylectron v4.6 GPU 64-bit edition again. Still didn't work.

Today I removed Raylectron and installed the updated Raylectron 4.76 CPU 64-bit version. Now I'm getting this error message. ... sp=sharing

I've chalked the GPU error message up to Windows 10. I ran a program compatibility check and got a warning that the GPU version would not work with Windows 10. I got the same with the CPU version. ... sp=sharing
I also tried running both versions in Compatibility Mode for Windows 7 and 8 with no success.

I'm pretty sure all of this is Windows 10's fault and because Microsoft insists on being a royal pain in the backside, they won't make a change to how it works. Both of the graphics cards on this computer are running new drivers too. So, is there any chance we will get a version of Raylectron that will work with Windows 10?
Cheers, mate.

Have a good day.
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Re: Support for Windows 10?

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Let me take this on a PM instead...
Your support team.
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