Little bit of a deviation

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Little bit of a deviation

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Hello folks, and if you see this, hello Mike!

Been a while since I came on here. My question is rather specific, not so much about Raylectron itself, more how to set up a material to look a specific way. ... 0acb3e.jpg
That's what I'm trying to achieve, and I have no clue how to get to that. Any ideas?

Edit: bad post. I didn't explain what I wanted. I'm looking to replicate the effect of the visor of the helmet. :D sorry about that
4758702567_30060acb3e.jpg (133.43 KiB) Viewed 3714 times
Cheers, mate.

Have a good day.
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Re: Little bit of a deviation

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Welcome back :)

Do not make it transparent, set the shine to 10 or 20 and give it the dark color. You can use "Glass (architectural)" from the "Convert this material" list. Or instead you can set the shine to 0 and set the reflection to 100 and the color blackness to 20 or so.
Your support team.
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