clonemaster: Speeding up searches

Find true duplicate files, byte for byte, anywhere, regardless of file name and date/time. Clean up your drive of duplicate files.
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clonemaster: Speeding up searches

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Hi all, I have been fighting with this for awhile and have discovered clonemaster is directly (and negatively) impacted by windows index service. If you have moved around a large number of files (like hundreds of gigs of pictures) and then run clonemaster to weed out the duplicates you made reorganizing, you'll see a fantastic increase in clonemaster if you disable the windows index service (even if for only while your using clonemaster). I'd be interested in anyone else's experience with outside interference on the program's speed.

as an aside it would be nice if there were more fields to sort by on top especially if the name was separated from the directory struct or in a field all it's own. (would make it much easier to kill the backups when files (and their backups) get created almost simultaneously but the backups land in subfolders)
tks, great program looking forward to the update.
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Re: clonemaster: Speeding up searches

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That's a good one. But I was under the impression that the Windows Indexing Service work in the background and should not affect the speed at which we gather a list of files. That is, the index service should only react on moved, new and changed files, not when simply looking at a file name. But again, if CloneMaster was set to check duplicates by content, that logic may change, I don't know. I'll have to try that.

I am not clear about the sorting suggestion you made. Beside sorting by file name, folder name, size and modified date, what other field(s) do you suggest?
Your support team.
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