Script to pull emails and display text

BeownReclise is a programmable web spider. Scan a web site and retrieve from it the information you need. You could scan a Real Estate web site and collect all of the agent addresses, phone numbers and emails, and place all this data into a tab delimited database file. Then import this data in your Excel application for example.
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Script to pull emails and display text

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Hello, i've bought black widow and brown recluse, not sure which is the best tool but here's what id like to do:

- I have several hundred specfic urls that i would like to crawl and pull email addresses. I need the names that go with them, so ideally it would pull the display text of the link or text from the same row of a table.

- I'd like to be able to run the query of all urls at once, rather than have to update the script each time and re-run. Not sure if it can be pulled form a csv, or if i can write code for multiple urls?

- ideally output to a text file.

Thanks much.
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Re: Script to pull emails and display text

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This should not be a problem. Yes, BrownRecluse can load a text file with all the URL to scan and pull emails from them. But this is assuming all the URL have plain emails as text, or easy to find, not some tricky javascript. If you can send me a PM (private message) with a few URL I can look at, I can then make you the script.
Your support team.
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