How to refresh model

Raylectron ( is a 3D rendering engine for Trimble Sketchup (
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How to refresh model

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Hi How do I refresh the SU model in RL. For instanc I wish to make a change to the SU model while I have a live Rraylectron render going
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Re: How to refresh model

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Close Raylectron and if you made some changes, it will ask if you want to save them, do so. Exit Raylectron, make changes to your model and re-export to the same file as the last, Raylectron will then start and will re-use the last saved settings. There are no direct contact between Raylectron and Sketchup, in the sense that if you make changes in Sketchup, it will automatically be detected in Raylectron, so a re-export is needed.
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