Adjust Size and Placement of HDR/HDRI Maps?

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Adjust Size and Placement of HDR/HDRI Maps?

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Can I adjust the sizing and placement of an hdri? I loaded one in and it just doesn't seem to line up. Any way to scale it down and even move it around so the horizons look right?
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Re: Adjust Size and Placement of HDR/HDRI Maps?

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Yes, you can rotate it in the Environment settings, the same place you loaded it, and you can lock it in place too or have it follow the camera rotation. It can not be resized, you need to move your camera in a way that it fits. The reason for this is, there is no way for Raylectron to know where the ground is in the hdri, it's 2D not 3D. Also, make sure you design your model at the ground level in Sketchup. The hdri is just an illusion of 3D so it can be confusing. Zooming out your model will make it look small according to the hdri and zooming in will make it look bigger than the hdri. Moving your model up will make your model appear in the sky etc.
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