v5.2 build 138 (July 9, 2023)

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v5.2 build 138 (July 9, 2023)

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We have introduced significant changes to the scripting process in Raylectron. The primary update is the transition from having individual scripts per object to a single script that applies to all objects involved in the animation. This modification offers several advantages, making the script editing and animation process more convenient and easier to follow.

Additionally, the update allows you to set global variables that can be utilized by all objects within the animation. This provides a centralized approach to manage and share variables across objects, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in script development.

Furthermore, the coding language itself has been revamped to be much more user-friendly and tailored specifically for Raylectron animation. The changes aim to simplify the scripting experience, ensuring a smoother learning curve and improved productivity.

As part of the enhancements, you now have the capability to write your own custom functions, which can be employed by all objects within your animation. This empowers you to create reusable code snippets, promote code organization, and streamline the implementation of complex logic across multiple objects.

Overall, this update streamline the scripting process, providing a more efficient and cohesive approach for animating objects in Raylectron. The transition to a single script, the inclusion of global variables, the user-friendly coding language, and the ability to define custom functions all contribute to an enhanced animation workflow.

In the script editor, several convenient features have been introduced to enhance the scripting experience. These features include a popup list of available functions, code completion, object list display, and a basic script generation button. Additionally, the editor provides a font size adjustment option for improved readability. Here's a breakdown of these features:

1. Popup list of available functions:
By pressing the Ctrl+Space keys while typing, a popup list of available functions will appear. For example, if you type "acc" and press Ctrl+Space, the list will display functions starting with "acc". You can then select the desired function from the list by pressing Enter. This feature saves time and helps ensure accurate function names and parameters.

2. Code completion:
Pressing the Shift+Space keys triggers code completion in the script editor. For instance, typing "case" and pressing Shift+Space will automatically generate the complete code block for the case statement. This feature assists in quickly constructing code structures, and you simply need to fill in the necessary details.

3. Object list display:
The script editor includes a button that displays a list of available objects. Clicking this button allows you to view the objects that can be animated within your model. This feature assists in identifying the objects you may want to include or interact with in your script. When you click on an item in the list, the name of that object will be copied to the clipboard automatically and the window will close.

4. Basic script generation button:
The editor provides another button that generates a basic script based on the available objects in your model. Clicking this button saves you from manually writing the script from scratch. It provides a starting point for your animation scripting and can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

5. Font size adjustment:
To ensure comfortable reading, the script editor includes a font size box that allows you to adjust the font size according to your preference. This feature helps optimize the readability of your script code.

These features collectively enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of the script editor in Raylectron, providing a smoother scripting workflow and facilitating the creation of animations.
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