v5.2 build 150 (July 18, 2023)

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v5.2 build 150 (July 18, 2023)

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Added a new function to the animator...

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Spin(Axis, Distance);
This function automatically computes the circumference of the object and then calculates the angle of rotation needed along the given distance. The axis can be any of the three axes (Xaxis, Yaxis, or Zaxis). This will automatically update the Rx, Ry, or Rz variable, depending on the chosen axis. See the Perseverance rover animation where this function was used for the 6 wheels.

Stars are no longer limited to plain white, they have become more colorful. When observing the stars from Earth, their colors appear to change due to various factors. One significant factor is the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, which influences the colors of starlight reaching our eyes. Additionally, the presence of red dwarf stars and the color shift resulting from their movement, either moving away from or getting closer to the viewer, also contributes to the captivating array of colors when viewed from space.
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