Mining Operations II

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Mining Operations II

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Less than a month ago I posted a picture of a mining ship used by a small mining company, the Chaka-Class. Today it is about a ship used by the large, mostly state-owned or partly state-owned companies, the Emfa-Class.

The Emfa-Class is the successor of the John-Maynard-Class and, like the latter, a spaceship of the type city-ship, more precisely subtype "small city-ship", popularly called "smalltown-ship". The Emfa-Class is 998×998×75 m, not counting the buildings on top, and 222 m high including the buildings. Like the old Maynard Class, the Emfa Class is designed to accommodate 6000 people on a permanent basis, of which 680-750 people are required for the actual operation of the ship. The exact number depends on the environmental conditions under which such mining vessels operate. The rest of the people on board work not only as miners in the extraction of resources. The buildings on the ship house a full-fledged metal processing plant that covers the entire processing of metals, from melting down the mined ore to finishing prefabricated raw materials.

As described in the first picture, most of the mining is done by unmanned vehicles of the types ALABMM-42 and MINTV-78. In addition, the Emfa-Class, like the Maynard-Class, has nine remote-controlled plasma drill heads at its disposal, driven by gravimetric thrusters. A drop of one of these drill heads can be seen in the picture, below the ship. These drill heads are primarily used to create tunnels to deeper deposits so that the ALABMM-42 can reach them more quickly. However, the plasma drill heads can also be used directly to extract ore. For this purpose, they have a ring transporter at their aft end, which can beam the material accumulating behind the drill head aboard the mothership.
The biggest improvement of the Emfa-Class compared to the Maynard-Class is the use of highly efficient gravimetric thrusters (the black faces on the underside of the ship). These allow the Emfa-Class to hover above the surface of a planet in hover mode, using minimal energy. The Maynard-Class, on the other hand, had to land on a planet, which required an appropriately suitable landing site. The operational capability of the Maynard Class is thus more limited compared to the Emfa Class, which is not forced to land.

Ships such as the Emfa-Class and the Maynard-Class require the use of a rather large mining crew, which is why these classes of ships can only be used by medium-sized and large mining companies that have a corresponding number of employees. Small companies, as mentioned in the first image, primarily use the Chaka-Class, as these can be operated with a crew of 24. The miner crew is also very small, with a minimum of 25 people. However, the Chaka-Class can also take several hundred miners on board permanently.

The image was actually just a test of the Terrain Generator-Sketchwarp-Sketch uV tool combination. Since the desert alone was too boring for me this time, I used it to also test my latest ship design. I think it turned out so well that I included a lore.
For the sake of completeness it should be mentioned that I never posted the Maynard-Class here in the forum. Because, it is a quite quite old design of me.
@Support Yes, I used uV again. I still prefer it. I find the repetitions in the texture quite appropriate in a desert. :P :lol:
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