The BSG of my SG-BSG-Crossover

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The BSG of my SG-BSG-Crossover

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(The background of this image was created by DeviantArt artist Euderion. ... -440095127
According to the terms of use for the background image, my image is rendered in 1600x900 resolution.)

Let's take a look at Battlestar Galactica in my Stargate-Battlestar Galactica crossover. So far I have only published a test render in the forum with two of my Battlestars and Basestars once. Today you can see the complete fleet, i.e. all my BSG ships.

I've always felt that certain aspects of the 2004 BSG series only make sense if Kobol is a planet in the Stargate universe. This is especially true for the Human-Cylons. That's why I embedded Kobol in my SG-AU. The main difference to the series is that the human-Cylons are not cybernetic artificial beings, but are in fact human beings who have been persuaded that they are artificially created beings. Only the so-called Models Number One and Number Four knew the truth.

The truth was that the Human-Cylons were using copies of Asgard technologies, specifically consciousness transfer technologies and cloning technology. These technologies were discovered 4000 years ago before the Colonial Cylon Wars by a historian in an old archive on the planet Kobol. In my AU, Kobol is an old Alteran/Ancient/Lanteran colony from the time when the Alteran fled their original home galaxy for Avalon/Milky Way. However, Kobol is not located in the Milky Way, but was founded in the galaxy known on Earth as Barnard's Galaxy as a kind of stopover on the way to the Milky Way. Some refugees, however, had no desire to move on to an uncertain future, when Kobol had proven to be a very livable world. So this part of the Alteran refugees stayed behind and became the ancestors of the tribes of Kobol that emerged after the fall of the Alteran/Ancient/Lanthean civilization.

The historian who made this discovery in the archive was named Cylon, from which the name of the Cylons was later derived. The gods of Kobol, in reality ascended Ancients, forbade the use of Asgard technology, as they were aware of the side effects that would eventually wipe out the Asgard. Dr. Cylon and his followers saw this as an attempt to deny humans immortality. In response, Cylon and his followers went into exile. Since then, in the language of the 12 tribes, the word "Cylon" has become synonymous with "blasphemous, heretical, opponent of the natural order". This term was later applied to the combat robots who demanded equal rights with their creators in the 1st Colonial-Cylon War and thus rebelled against the "natural order".

The actual trigger for the 2nd Colonial-Cylon War, which in my AU did not take place during the Earthly Stone Age as shown in the last episode of the series, but between 2010 and 2015 AD, was the impending extinction of the Human-Cylons. Their technology, particularly cloning technology, was inferior to that of the Asgard, resulting in massive genetic damage after only 40 years. However, this fact was only known to models Number Ones and Number Fours. The others were persuaded that the genetic damage was a divine punishment because the Cylons had not yet undertaken a crusade against the polytheistic heathens of the Twelve Colonies.

In truth, the Fours, the researchers among the human-Cylons, urgently needed test subjects and genetic material for their research in order to find a solution to the cloning problem. When the truth came out, the Number Two, Six and Eight models rebelled against the others (the Threes had already been destroyed by the Ones at this point, as you could see in the series, which also happened in my AU), and the Cylon civil war broke out.

In this civil war, the rebellious Two, Six and Eight allied themselves not only with Galactica, but also with the survivors on the colonies, who had formed resistance movements in the meantime. The experiences from this joint action formed the basis for the unification of the surviving Human-Cylons, as the 13th tribe, with the other twelve tribes to form the United Tribes of Kobol after the end of the war and Galactica's first contact with Earth/Tau'ri.

In the present time of my AU, the year 2377, the UTK are the dominant, in fact the only, power in the dwarf galaxy of Barnard's Galaxy, known here by its Alteran name, Astraeus. They remain allied with Earth, which is now part of the Intergalactic Union of Sovereign Planets. In response to the lessons of the 2nd Colonial-Cylon War, the Kobol Defense Force has developed a fleet doctrine based heavily on mobility. In terms of design, both Battlestars, representing a Colonial heritage, and Basestars, representing a Cylon heritage, are used. The Battlestars are mainly designed for direct combat against enemy warships at short range, while the Basestars serve as support. They either support by deploying long-range missiles or act as electronic warfare (EW) and electronic countermeasures (ECM) platforms to support the Battlestars.

The BattleGroup (BG) forms the organizational basis of the Kobol Defense Force (KDF). The picture shows a typical BG. A BG nominally consists of:

1x Hephaestus-Class Basestar
2x Zeus-Class Battlestar
2x Athena-Class Battlestar
2x Apollo-Class Basestar
2x Artemis-Class Battlestar
4x Metis-Class Basestar
4x Hermes-Class Basestar
2x Orion-Class Battlestars

@Support I know the gods rays are missing. But neither 5.2 nor 5.3 wanted to generate them. No matter what settings I made. :)
@GateGirl86I'll take over the SG folder for my BSG part now. Sorry Mel. :lol:
BattleGroup of the Kobol Defense Force in Flight Euderion-Version.jpg
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Re: The BSG of my SG-BSG-Crossover

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What a story and details. The background is so cool, and so is the model. I wish that guy could make the background as an environment map for better lighting though. But it's awesome like this anyway.
Your support team.
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