Omnidirectional stereo 3D

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Omnidirectional stereo 3D

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Just making an off-the-wall suggestion for something that would be really cool, but probably a bonus/extra more than anything else.

I use an Oculus Rift headset for walkthru of a lot of my architectural models. It's cool to explore a model in 3D space, and really helps comprehension. But all the walkthru software that's available doesn't actually RENDER anything; average PCs just can't do quality ray-tracing in real-time. They can fake it, but it's just not as nice as a real rendering. Otherwise, it's just a textured image with generic lighting, and maybe with some simple sunlight shadows.

It would be really cool to stand in a virtual space that's been properly rendered in 3D. The ODS (Omnidirectional Stereo) format was designed to allow a full 360-deg view in true 3D. You can see a full stereoscopic 3D view of all that's in around you - and in fully rendered richness. You can't move around, but at least from that one point, you get something really nice.

The ODS format requires some interesting screwing around with eye points - it's not a simple thing to create two offset views, like the simple 3D stereo view. So I know this is not easy. Just throwing the idea out there.

This is a good description of how omni stereo can be rendered. ... ontent.pdf
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Re: Omnidirectional stereo 3D

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Thanks, we'll sure work on this. i don't have an Oculus Rift headset, hence the current "Cross Eye" 3D setting (have you tried it?) :D
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