Bug in the GPU render's Poup-ups

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Bug in the GPU render's Poup-ups

Post by davicxc »

I have a full CPU version of Raylectron. Today, I try to use de GPU version...
1. Deactivate the CPU version
2. Uninstall the CPU version
3. Install the GPU demo version

Works fine until I try to change the image resolution. This is not allowed in demo version. Fine. But the poup up don't disappear. I have to end the program using the windows task manager. This is not right, isn't it?

One last question: I have a windows 10 64-bits PC (Intel i59400F 2.9GHz / 16GB RAM DDR4 / SSD 480GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB 192-bits) and use Sketchup 2019. The CPU version runs fine. The GPU version runs extremelly slow. Is my hardware the problem?
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Re: Bug in the GPU render's Poup-ups

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You do not need to de-activate the CPU to install the GPU, the activation is good for both and you can install both (in 2 different folder) and create shortcuts to use either.

As for the resolution, must be a bug and we will address this. But, did you first stop the render and place it in performance mode before changing resolution?

The CPU version uses grain free mode, the GPU doesn't (yet anyway) and depending on your model and resolution, it can get slow, perhaps change the path depth from 12 to 3. Your video card has 1408 cuda cores so it's not bad at all.
Your support team.
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