Saving and reloading rof files & Rendering

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Saving and reloading rof files & Rendering

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I am brand new to Raylectron, and would like some guidance around saving and reopening files. Where I am a bit confuse around is saving either "save settings" or "save render" files doesn't output an rof file? When I open Raylectron and select the ryd option from within Raylectron doesn't seem to open it. I am assuming reopening the origional rof file should already include the updates from the ryd and the cfg saved files? Is this correct?

Can someone please confirm and can I please have some guidance how to save a complete data set so it retains all the settings and the renderings? And then how to open them where it includes everything from where I left off.

Also when it is Rending is seems to run indefinitely? Does it ever get to a point where it completes rendering and stops, or not? I assume the longer it runs the better the rending resolution becomes? However this doesn't seem to be obvious after its looking like the rending is pretty much complete.

Thanks for any advice and guidance.
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Re: Saving and reloading rof files & Rendering

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The ROF file is created only from Sketchup, at the time you export your model to Raylectron. It includes most of all the Sketchup settings such as sun position, scenes, etc. The CFG file is only created when you made changes to your materials, scenes, camera etc within Raylectron, or if you select "Save settings". This saves everything. I do not recommend using "Save render" because there are too many complication with this. All it does that the CFG filed doesn't is save the render data so you can resume the render later, but, if anything changed, it doesn't work. So don't use it.

The render is incremental so it will render forever and it's up to you to stop it when it looks good to you. Most of the time, at around 300 samples, the eyes can't really notice anymore differences between samples but it all depend on the model complexity.

By only using the CFG file, you can still make changes to your model in Sketchup and reload the CFG to retain the settings you like. You can even save the settings as a new file name and reload it, having multiple CFG for the same model can be of benefits, sat, when testing different material etc. The RYD file is too static and changing one little thing in Sketchup or Raylectron will render it completely useless.
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