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Note about free memory

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2024 6:12 am
by Okwa
In case anyone has problems with rendering due to insufficient free memory. At least for me, I have noticed that the available free memory on my PC has recently been reduced from an average of 75% free memory to an average of 25%. I also noticed that my PC boots up more slowly. An optimization program then also determined that the startup time has increased from 9 seconds to 37 seconds. Today the free memory even decreased by 12%. Raylectron has not been hindered by this so far. On the contrary, since the last graphics driver update, Raylectron has been working faster than ever before. :D

I searched for the cause of the memory loss and found that Microsoft Edge is the reason. Although I don't use Edge, I left it installed to avoid potential problems that could arise from deleting the program. But now, I have disabled the autostart of Edge. And promptly the startup time of my PC has dropped to 9 seconds, and the free memory has even increased to 81%.

If you notice that there is not enough memory and Raylectron is not working properly as a result, try deactivating Edge via the Task Manager and switching off the autolaunch function in the settings.

This information may not be absolutely necessary for most people. But just in case, I wanted to draw your attention to this "problem". Especially you Mel. :lol:

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Re: Note about free memory

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2024 1:36 pm
by Support
Thanks for your post Chris. However, for me, I only use Edge as Firefox is not reliable for me. Edge never once gave me problems, but again, as a computer guy, I always get into the settings of my apps, Edge included, and turn off many things. For Edge, I reduce the cache to 100mb because I really don't see it being necessary for more with fast internet. I turn off things that send Microsoft error repots or anything to "enhance" the product, like collecting, participating etc. In Windows itself, I go into the scheduler and turn off the same stuff. My PC runs fast and I always have 85%+ free memory, even when loading a huge model, it may go down to 81%

The problem we are facing today is not the app itself but the use of the default settings. That's for all apps. Starting with the Windows Scheduler, disable unnecessary stuff. Then for each of your apps, do the same. When you install apps, never use the default installation, always use custom installation so you can install only relevant items. One more important thing is the anti-virus. Change the settings too and use the right one. Norton is horrible and so as most of them. The only one that has never, not even once, interfered with an app or gave me problems in Comodo anti-virus. It's very solid and does the job perfectly.

Use the task manager to see what's running and terminate the ones that are not supposed to be there, like a stuck app. Also, go into the services and disable anything that is not system or needed, like quality control and stuff like that.

Knowing how to do all this will make your PC much faster, uses much less memory and Edge works perfectly, contrary to all these Internet Explorer and Edge haters :lol: oh, and use AdBlocker Ultimate, gets rid of all ads on YouTube, Facebook, X (Twitter) and everywhere else, and it's free.

Re: Note about free memory

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2024 3:59 am
by Okwa
@Support No problem, Micheal. I used to have problems with the old Explorer several times and therefore got used to Firefox. I've gotten used to some of the features that are missing in Edge and have stuck with Firefox ever since. And I always have notoriously too many programs running in the background. Not ideal, I know. :oops: That's why my free memory averages between 75 and 80, sometimes dropping to 65.
But as I said, I've never had such a drop in performance before, only since one of the last Windows updates. Personally, without being able to prove it, I suspect Copilot. I think since this update.
On the other hand, Raylectron is working at a speed at the moment. Almost magical. In the last two weeks I have not rendered anything longer than 1 minute. Even scenes with lights, which I used to have to render for 5 minutes.

I haven't had any problems with my antivirus program so far. Never had an app interfere. And I use AdBlocker Ultimate and uBlock Origin. Better safe than sorry. :lol:

I agree with you. I would have to take the time to check all the settings. But I admit, years ago, I deactivated everything on my old PC that I was sure I didn't need. And it went wrong. It took me 2 hours to get the PC working again. As they say "a burnt child shies away from fire". Since then, I have always hesitated to deactivate something.

Re: Note about free memory

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2024 3:09 pm
by Support
@Okwa I know what you mean. But lets face it, if Microsoft can't make a good browser, they sure can't make an operating system at all. Edge is way more than a browser, it's part of the OS and provide an interface to it for developers like me. It does way more than Firefox and Chrome or any other browsers. But you also have a lot more settings to adjust, unlike these other browsers. As for me, I know computers in and out, from the BIOS to the core of the OS so I know what to enable/disable/modify. Not everyone can do that so alternatives or often required. People I know always ask me to "clean" their PC and when I'm done with it, it runs perfectly and fast. They are amazed that they can leave it on for weeks and never have problems or need to reboot.

BTW, I updated Raylectron to v5.3 and I think you'll love this one. It's so fast om the CPU, it beats the GPU. You can fully render your spaceships in just a few seconds.

Re: Note about free memory

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2024 2:44 am
by Okwa
Support wrote: Wed Feb 14, 2024 3:09 pm
BTW, I updated Raylectron to v5.3 and I think you'll love this one. It's so fast om the CPU, it beats the GPU. You can fully render your spaceships in just a few seconds.
Even faster? Raylectron has been racing lately anyway. :lol: I will test the new version as soon as possible. I also need to test a model of mine in a rendered environment to see if my design works. It's coming together very well. :D

Re: Note about free memory

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2024 7:05 am
by Okwa
@Support Forgive me, Michael, for having to give you the bad news. But 5.3 does not work. I first tried to create the image below with 5.3. When this did not work, I tried again with 5.2. With exactly the same settings as in 5.3, so that I can give you as comprehensive a description as possible of the differences. What I noticed with 5.3:
1. The blank floor of Raylectron at 5.3, without any texture, somehow looked like it was made of clouds.
2. After setting to "textured ground", the cloud-like effect increased.
3. After setting the ground to "water texture", the water was more reminiscent of liquid soap. Shine yes, but hardly any reflection. At least at the front of the scene.In the rear part of the scene, the reflection of the "mountains" was much clearer than in this picture, with the same setting for the "waves" shown here. The water was also more transparent, I could still clearly see the lowest part of the platform legs. As if there had been no refraction. Which would also speak for the uniform color of the water.
4. Activating the windows as light sources, the windows are grouped together in 12 groups, thus forming 12 light sources, took about 6 minutes for 5.3 and about 72 seconds for 5.2.
5. With 5.3, the "Stop" button remained grayed out during rendering. I could not cancel the rendering at any time.
6.When setting the god rays for the spaceship drive, the error message "Access Violation" appeared at 5.3. At no time could I visibly create God's Rays. Several attempts.
7. In 5.2, I finished rendering this image after exactly 102 samples in 3 minutes. In 5.3 I had 80 samples after 3 minutes. However, there was no really visible change.

And as I said, in 5.3 the stop button remained grayed out during rendering.
I don't know if it would help, but shall I send you the .rof for both scenes?

Re: Note about free memory

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2024 2:46 pm
by Support
Thank you, Chris for the details. Yes please, if you can send me the ROF, CFG and texture folder so I can fix this :)