Searching Cloud-based folders, particularly SkyDirve

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Searching Cloud-based folders, particularly SkyDirve

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I use SkyDrive. I'm not having success figuring out how to use CloneMaster to access, scan and report on anything out on my SkyDrive account. SkyDrive shows up on the "Scan Settings" tab, but no subfolders. I can check the SkyDrive box, but nothing happens when I click "Start Scan".

Are Cloud-based locations supported? Or am I doing something wrong?


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Re: Searching Cloud-based folders, particularly SkyDirve

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Cloud-based locations are not supported because it would take forever to scan. The Internet connection is so much slower than a HD or SSD/USB. The best would be to download the folders you want to scan so they can be scanned locally.

Say you have 200 files of 10mb each, CM would have to compare the data of file#1 with all the other 199 files. Then file#2 with all the other 198 files, and so on. That would be a huge amount of Internet data to transfer in order to compare them!
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